Panex-Youth _ The Research Stages

Stage 1 – Global Mapping Exercise

Aim:  Map and develop typologies of the pandemic’s impact on the food/education/play-leisure nexus with a focus on young people’s vulnerabilities globally.

Stage 2: – National and Regional Mappings

Aim:  Situate and decrypt, in each of the three countries and regions ( West Midlands/Birmingham; Central RSA/Mangaung and Moqhaka; and São Paulo State/Paraisópolis), what have been the key impacts of pandemic-related policy towards the food, education, play/leisure nexus of issues facing young people during and after Covid, what policy/programmes/initiatives were developed, and how local places matter.

Stage 3: Zoom-ins on local adaptations of young people in monetary-poor households

Aim: Conduct an in-depth case study analysis in six case study areas, two in each case study region with a focus on incremental and innovative strategies and the impact on those adaptations on everyday survival and recovery.

Stage 4: Co-designing multi-scalar solutions to foster young people’s recovery, resilience

Aim: Co-design with our community of young people and our community of practice solutions that will help vulnerable young people to recover and be prepared in the eventuality of future major health and socio-economic crisis in line with the food, education, play/leisure nexus.