Panex-Youth _Who are we?

Panex-Youth is one of the 18 projects funded by the T-AP Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World Call.


We want to understand how young people have adapted during the pandemic and assess the wider impact of such processes of adaptations. To do so, we adopt a nexus approach, focusing on food, education, and play/leisure, embedded within a wider understanding of the living settings (local places) and home/personal contexts (household composition and home/personal life). We are looking at South Africa, Brazil and the UK (England).

The findings of the research aim to support global recovery and renewal, and to enhance the resilience of society in a post-pandemic world. To achieve this we are using an action research methodology to co-create knowledge with young people, and the communities in which they live, along with non-government bodies and non-profit organizations that focus on this age group.

The team

The Panex-Youth research gathers a multi-disciplinary team of both experienced researchers, leaders in their fields, and early-career scholars.

Each country/university has a lead (see below).

South Africa _ University of the Free State : Dr. Abraham Matamanda (PI) & Dr Stuart Denoon-Stevens _ Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. Contact:

South Africa _ University of Fort Hare: Dr Lejone John Ntema. Contact:

Brazil _ Universidad e de São Paulo: Dr. Leandro Giatti (PI) Contact:

UK _ University College London : Prof. Lauren Andres (PI), Bartlett School of Planning Contact: @UCL_BSP

UK – University of Birmingham: Prof. Peter Kraftl, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Contact: @peterkraftl